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Nicole Harvieux is an artist based in Rapid City, South Dakota. Until recently, she worked for the South Dakota Army National Guard as a public-affairs specialist. As part of her job, she regularly photographed training operations, home comings, and other daily activities.



As the masses flock to purchase the latest models of digital cameras in the market, Philadelphia-based photographer Jorge "El Ché" Figueroa says "no, thank you" to modern technology. An avid collector of fully manual 35 mm rangefinder and SLR cameras..



The last time I stepped into a rodeo arena with a camera was in 1984. In 2008, I met Isaac Diaz at a poker table in Deadwood, South Dakota. He was there primarily to ride a bronc at the Days of ’76 Rodeo. His PRCA stats suggest he’s a pretty salty rider.

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As any art lover will tell you, evaluating different pieces of art will be a unique experience for each person. You may collect feedback from your peers on the same exhibit only to learn that opinions vary widely. This is part of the beauty of art; the fact that the same physical presence can evoke such a magnitude of different emotions, opinions and feelings from us all.



People's Bikes was created to support access to the ever-growing number of galleries and art spaces in the Mission with low cost rentals and a Mission gallery map. We also have maps of historical landmarks in the neighborhood, for those interested in how this amazing community has taken shape. When you come by to rent a bike please just ask the gallerist what is going on that day, for recommendations of shows, places to eat, places to relax. People's Bikes is for everyone, so whether you need to get some groceries, want to take some friends to Ocean Beach.


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What is the Healthiest way for a Person to Lose Weight?

What is the Healthiest way for a Person to Lose Weight

Generally speaking, losing weight is a common dream that millions of people share together all over the world. Without losing excessive weight, you could not get the desired slim figure as well as you cannot meet your fitness goals. If you get success in maintaining your weight, you will stay away from other kinds of health concerns.

However, it is difficult than saying to lose weight because you have already tried out plenty of products for it. When you think about losing weight, you will get messed up with lots of things especially the ones that are recommended by professionals to consume.

You could be among the people who want to lose weight with some natural ways, and could be among the ones who want to lose weight with surplus exercises and supplements. To determine the healthiest ways for a person to lose weight, you need to go through the following paragraph one after one right now.

Healthiest ways for a person to lose weight

Healthiest ways for a person to lose weight

What is the healthiest way for a person to lose weight? Now, you have collected some basic information about losing weight with normal ways. Let’s take a glance at the following points that can be helpful to lose weight:

Do not consume liquid calories

One of the easiest ways for people to reduce calories and reduce weight is to stop consuming liquid calories. In easy words, if a person wants to lose weight quickly, they will have to avoid drinking the liquids that contain calories in a high amount.

You can talk about soda, alcohol, juice and other liquids that usually promote calories in your body. As a result, your body will get a weight that could be difficult to reduce.

As an alternative, you can try to use the lemon water, black coffee and unsweetened tea that are zero-calorie drinks.

Pay attention to your daily diets

Pay attention to your daily diets

Indeed, you need to pay some sort of attention to your daily diet that you consume. Make sure that you will not increase or decrease too many things in your daily diet.

Do not take sugar in liquids

What is the healthiest way for a person to lose weight? You should try to avoid taking sugar in tea and other liquids that you consume on a regular basis. This can become yet another healthiest way that can help a person to lose weight quickly.

Get the assistance of a professional

When you do not find any particular healthy way to lose weight, the assistance of a professional can become critical for you. In other words, they have much better knowledge about the healthiest ways of losing weight.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

You can adopt a healthy lifestyle that will significantly help you to lose weight and be in the desired fitness.

Do not skip breakfast

You should not skip breakfast at any cost especially for losing weight.

Consume a lot of water

In the conclusion part, you can talk about consuming a lot of water regularly that will become another healthy way to maintain weight.

Does Caffeine help you Lose Weight?

Does Caffeine help you Lose Weight

Have you ever used caffeine to reduce weight? Most people can say no because they are unaware of the significant benefits of caffeine for reducing weight. First of all, you need to know that caffeine is a chemical collected in coffee, cola, tea and other products. Regardless of reducing the weight, caffeine can boost up your mental alertness.

Today, people have started consuming caffeine for the purpose of losing weight in a short amount of time. In the recent reports, it is clearly stated that caffeine does help people to lose weight. You need to know the properties of the caffeine in order to understand how it will reduce your weight. To discover more here about the uses of caffeine, you will need to go through the following paragraphs right now.

Why caffeine is used for reducing weight?

Why caffeine is used for reducing weight

Does caffeine help you lose weight? This is a common question that can take place there in your mind when you have not collected details about the caffeine. In the starting, you need to consider some important reasons due to which people have started using the caffeine for reducing weight. At the reasons that make a good fat burner:

• Fat-burning qualities- the caffeine has some specialized fat-burning qualities.

• It promotes calorie burning- due to the fat-burning quality, caffeine can promote the calorie burning that will help you to get your fitness goals easily.

• Big losses in calories- the caffeine will also help you to do big roses in calories.

Other significant benefits of caffeine

Other significant benefits of caffeine

Does caffeine help you lose weight? Now, you may have understood that caffeine can help people to lose weight. This is why you need to know some other significant uses of caffeine. Here are the significant benefits that anyone can get by consuming caffeine on a regular basis:

Get rid of unwanted body fat- as mentioned earlier, caffeine can help you to get rid of the unwanted body fat. If you have tried out lots of products but still not able to reduce the unwanted body weight, you should go with the caffeine at least once.

Lose weight naturally without facing side- effects- reducing the weight has become a common outcome of consuming the caffeine. In addition, if you will consume caffeine to lose weight, you do not need to deal with the side effects.

Reduce the chance of cancer – in some reports, it is also stated that caffeine can help people to stay away from several kinds of cancer.

Decrease the risks of strokes- it is also possible for people to decrease the risks of strokes by consuming the caffeine in the prescribed ways.

Overcome diabetes- the professional strongly believe that the consumption of caffeine can help people to overcome two types of diabetes in a short amount of time.

On the basis of the available details about the caffeine, it can be said that it will help you to burn down the fat. As well, it can provide other benefits to improve health.

What is a Rehab Centre?

What is a Rehab Centre

In this present world of advancement and Technology, people have lots of options to choose to restore their lost capabilities. Among the top treatments you can pick to restore your capabilities, the residential rehabilitation also known as rehab has become a significant option. This special treatment gives everything to the patients for restoring they are mental, sensory, and physical capabilities.

It doesn’t matter why you have lost your capabilities, but this program will help you to restore all of them in a short time. In the same concept, you may get confused about the rehabilitation Centre or Rehab Centre. You would consider what the center really is. This is why you will have to explore the following paragraphs to know the real meanings and services of the Rehab Centre.

Provides therapy for rehabilitation

What is a rehab Centre? in the beginning, you need to become familiar with the residential rehabilitation shortly known as rehab, check more details here. Once you know what the rehab really is, it might be easy for you to understand what a rehab center is. There is not any specific definition that you can make out of the rehabilitation.

However, you can consider a center that provides therapy for rehabilitation as the rehab center. In other words, any particular area or center that will give various kinds of therapies for rehabilitation will be known as a rehab center.

Training for rehabilitation

Training for rehabilitation

Whenever you will visit a rehab center, you can get training for rehabilitation. Therefore, it can be said that a rehab center is a place that not only provides training for rehabilitation but provides various therapies for rehabilitation. This can become yet another important concept to understand the real meaning and benefits of the rehabilitation center.

Compensate the shortfalls

Most of the modern-day rehabilitation centers will compensate the shortfalls for their patients and clients. If you also want to join the best rehabilitation centers this is the first thing you should consider about them.

What else does the center provide?

Now, you have collected too many critical details about the rehabilitation centers. This is why you need to know what else important such types of centers can provide. Let us take a short look at the prominent benefits that you are going to get after visiting your nearest rehabilitation center:

The occupational therapy

A rehabilitation center is known for providing occupational therapy. Among the top therapies you can get to fix your problems and have a good mood, occupational therapy is the most significant one. Make sure that you will get the occupational therapy at any particular rehabilitation center that you have chosen after making online research.

Vocational training

You can also get vocational training at a very popular and reputed rehabilitation center. A rehabilitation center is known for providing superior quality in vocational training. Regardless of the vocational training, you should try to get other kinds of solutions as well.

Get solutions for addiction and other psychological disorders

At a very reliable and popular rehabilitation center, you are going to get top quality solutions for addiction and other psychological disorders. What is a rehab Centre? This can help you to understand the real meaning of the rehabilitation center.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy will also be available at the rehabilitation Centre that you are going to join to quit any bad habit that you have for a long period of time.

Speech therapy

If you will choose the best rehabilitation centers, you are going to get speech therapy as an important service.

With the help of the available details, you may have understood what the rehabilitation Centre really is and which kind of services it can provide.

Know Everything about Dietary Supplements Before using it

what does a dietary supplement do

For a healthy living, our body needs all the essential nutrients including protein, healthy fats, carbs, vitamins and essential minerals. We should get all these essential nutrients from our food but it is not easy for everyone. If you want to get all these nutrients from your food, you will need to add grains, fruits, vegetables, meat products and lots of other items in your food diet. If you are unable to get all these nutrients from your regular meal, you will need to add dietary supplements to your routine.

Dietary supplements are available in the market to provide these essential nutrients for your body. You will find out a complete range of supplements having amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids, herbals, animal extracts and more. You will need to consider your requirements for these nutrients as per your lifestyle and then you should understand what does a dietary supplement do. You can understand the need for supplements for your body with the information given below:

Need for dietary supplements for your body:

Need for dietary supplements for your body

Everyone has a different kind of lifestyle and you will need to get all the required nutrients for your body as per your regular activities. If you are an athlete or gym-going person, you will need an additional amount of protein and energy as compared to a normal person. In this kind of situation, you will need to add the dietary supplement to fulfill the requirement of additional protein and amino acids for your body. If you do not use a specific amount of fruits and vegetables in your regular diet, you will need to fulfill the requirement of all the tenants, essential minerals and other nutrients from an additional dietary supplement.

Dietary supplements are very beneficial to balance the nutrition value in your diet and you will avail certain kind of health-related benefits with it. with the use of good quality dietary supplements, you will be able to prevent several kinds of health-related situations including diabetes, chronic diarrhea, cancer and more. With the use of dietary supplements for proper nutrition, you will be able to keep your body active and fit as compared to any normal person. It is also very effective to provide benefits for your skincare and hair care. Therefore, you will need to add dietary supplements to available such kind of benefits for your health and fitness.

How to avail the benefits of dietary supplements?

How to avail the benefits of dietary supplements

If you want to add any kind of supplement to your diet plan, you should understand what does a dietary supplement do. These supplement products are not made for everyone so you will need to consider the requirements and needs of your body for proper nutrition. If you are getting a balanced diet with all nutrients in it, you do not have to waste your money by getting dietary supplements from the market. If you are missing any specific nutrient from your regular diet, then you will need to introduce dietary supplement to fulfill the requirements for your body.

You should understand the type of dietary supplements and you should take it in proper dose as per the requirements of your body. It is important for you to consult a health expert before start using any kind of dietary supplement. According to your age, body type, regular diet and lifestyle, your health expert will recommend the dietary supplement that you should add to your routine. You can also that services of any professional nutrition expert for it. After that, you will be able to get all the benefits of using dietary supplements to fulfill the nutrition value of your regular diet for healthy lifestyle.

How do I start a Hosting Reseller Business?

How do I start a Hosting Reseller Business

At the present moment, there is a wide range of hosting services available that you can use to host your websites. The web hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated and reseller hosting are common to the users. Many people have started giving preferences to the reseller hosting services as they are budget-friendly.

Thinking about starting off the business of reseller hosting can be greatly beneficial at the moment. Business owners and individuals need the posting services in which the need to spend less time and money as the reseller hosting does. This is why it can be beneficial to start a reseller hosting business.

Ideal ways to start a hosting reseller business

Ideal ways to start a hosting reseller business

Reseller hosting is a kind of hosting where you pay for a reseller website hosting plan and resell this to your personal customers as your possess the hosting company. The reseller hosting is a kind of hosting that allows you to easily start your own web hosting business. You do not need to establish the infrastructure or a customer support time in the reseller hosting business.

Make sure you don’t get trapped by cheap plans- At the present moment there are lots of a web hosting companies with virtual server selling and reselling plans. How do I start a hosting reseller business? As well, they can provide you the cheapest plan. So, avoid the cheapest plans.

Remark your business objectives- Before you start the business of hosting reseller, you should remark your business objectives. One should always have clear objectives while starting a hosting reseller business to gain more profits.

Find your audience- As soon as you make a good business plan, you have to find your audience. Otherwise, you can make a list of the third parties with which you will work after opening a reseller business.

Analyze your rivals- Of course, you will have to analyze your opponents with whom you have to compete in the same market. How do I start a hosting reseller business? This can become a good strategy to start your reselling web hosting business.

Pick a unique brand name- Similarly, you can pick a unique brand name for your reseller web hosting business.

Have knowledge about features- You should always have complete knowledge about the basic things about a hosting business. If you want to start a new business of reseller web hosting, you should know bandwidth, domains, control panel, disk space, email accounts and more.

Choose the right hosts- It is always important for you to choose the right reseller host for your business. Make sure that you will provide all the features that your clients need according to their requirements on time.

Sell websites along with hosting- You should try to sell your websites along with the hosting to your clients in order to gain their trust in a short amount of time.

Offer 24/7 support- Without any kind of doubt, you can provide 24/7 support to your clients.

With a bit of luck, all the above-mentioned things will help you to start a good reseller hosting business and reduce your problems.

The ways to Earn Money Through Youtube Videos

how monetize works

Now, you don’t need to face unemployment when you have creative ideas to earn money. Especially him, you can start earning money on your own talent basis. For this purpose, there is no need to create the YouTube channel and find the right platform where you can start posting the videos. After the posting of all videos come you can earn the huge money easily. Therefore, you can get more likes, subscribers and views if you are posting the best and quality content. With the right and quality content, you will be able to earn the money soon.

Creative content

The creative content is head of the process. Do you want to get the popularity and success when you start earning money wills YouTube videos? So, you can better understand all the factors when you upload creative content. With creativity, there is need to upload the quality also. After that, you can switch to the right platform where you can get so much popularity for your videos. As you can know more, there are different kinds of platforms are available these days where you can upload the videos. Even, it is easy to upload the videos and get better promotions soon.

New videos

New videos

When you are thinking about how monetize works? But, it is not an easy task to know about the monitoring process. There is a need to consider all the information about the monetizing process and earn money. As you can watch out command the earning of money become easy if you have talent to do the best acting in these videos. With your acting skills, you can earn money. There is need to find out the best creators who can help you to get the creative content.

Better graphics

It is highly mentioned to upload your videos with good quality graphics. In the YouTube videos, you can use the best graphics when you are finding the proper tools. It can help you to work on the editing of your video. When you have good graphic videos at your YouTube channel then you can earn money. With good quality graphics, you can make your videos popular especially on YouTube. There is need to add on some twist and work with creative things. When you think creative then you can compete with anyone easily and get so much popularity in a few days. The good quality graphics can help to make superb editings.

Popular actors

Popular actors

For the purpose of earning money through videos, there is needed to get popular actors in your video. On your YouTube channel, you can invite them and ask them to perform. So, it is the best way to get more likes at your home platform. Even, you can become so popular in such a short time. Now, you don’t need to suffer from the connectivity issues when you are working on these factors. There is no need to do more efforts if you don’t have any acting skills. Now, you can ask them to perform with the quality acting skills on your YouTube channel.

Do you want to know about how monetize works? Now, you can consider all the information about it. Actually, it means you can start earning the money with the help of YouTube videos and other videos. In the modern world, there is number of platforms available where you can post your videos. So, you can start earning real cash when your videos get likes comments and other gifts. It is the actual meaning of earning money with YouTube videos and you can better understand the monetizing.

How do I Upgrade my Public Mobile Plan?

How do I Upgrade my Public Mobile Plan

To be truly honest with you, there are thousands of public mobile plants are active across the world that help people. In the world of technology, mobile phones have become a great medium of communication. A person needs to choose a much better mobile public plan so that they can enjoy the benefits seamlessly. At the present moment, the companies are providing exceptional mobile plans to the customers.

In some situations, it can be difficult for people to change they are public mobile plans. You would find it difficult to upgrade your public mobile plan unless you have an exceptional knowledge about the same concept. If you will learn how to upgrade your public mobile plan, it will be easy for you to do the same work for the rest of the time you need. The following paragraphs can also provide details about upgrading your mobile public plans.

Possible ways to upgrade your public mobile plan

Possible ways to upgrade your public mobile plan

How do I upgrade my public mobile plan? At the present moment, you have successfully collected basic details about the public mobile plans. So, you can become ready to know the ideas that will be helpful to upgrade your public mobile plan. It doesn’t matter which kind of ways you will prefer to upgrade the plan but they should provide you the needed benefits. Let’s take a glimpse at the following ways that will help you to upgrade your public mobile plans easily:

Step1: register to the self serve

First of all, you will have to sign into the self serve. When you are signing into the self-serve section, make sure that you will not commit any single mistake. A mistake committed during the sign-in procedure can cost too much to you in the latter half.

Step2: Choose the right plan

After successfully signing in to the self-serve now, you will have to choose the plant that looks the best. This is a situation where you have to consider your own requirements and desires about using a public mobile plan. Regardless of considering what others have got in the public mobile plans, you will have to choose the right plan that gives everything to you what matters the most for you.

Step3 Scroll to the underside of the page

Step3: Scroll to the underside of the page

How do I upgrade my public mobile plan? In the same case, you will have to scroll the underside of the page in order to complete the procedure of upgrading the public plan for you. This is a very crucial process where you are verifying that you have chosen and upgraded the public mobile plan.

Step4: Apply support to your plans

You can furthermore apply support to your public mobile plans with the help of the available alternatives and options given on the page.

Step5: Change your plan on the renewal date

The experts from the same industry strongly suggest you change your public mobile plan on their renewal date.

Hopefully, the provided information has helped you to understand how you can easily upgrade your public mobile plan without facing some problems.

Anti-aging Products: Will you get Benefits with it?

what do anti aging products do

To maintain your beauty and looks, skincare is very important. As you know, it is quite difficult to maintain the beauty of your skin with increasing age. There are several challenges to maintain the beauty and health of your skin. Whether it is about an unhealthy lifestyle, improper diet or increasing pollution, you will need to find out a good way to maintain the health and beauty of your skin. In this kind of situation, people use several kinds of anti aging products that are available in the market.

As you know, there are many companies available to provide anti aging products for people. But you may think what do anti aging products do? If you want to start using these kinds of products for anti aging, you should know more about its working and benefits for the skin.

What is required for anti-aging skin care

What is required for anti-aging skin care?

Aging of your skin will depend on many factors including your lifestyle, diet, environment and genetics. If you want to delay the ageing of your skin in a proper way, you should add some regular exercise and healthy nutrition to your routine. It is also important to get a good quality anti aging product that can work in a proper way.

Moisturizer for skin care:

First of all, you will need to use a good quality moisturizer for the care of your skin. It is very effective to seal the moisture of your skin during the day. There are different brands available in the market to provide this kind of products for skin care. It is definitely beneficial to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Anti-aging products

Anti-aging products:

Anti-aging products are available to reduce the wrinkles and other aging effects on your skin. First of all, you should know about all the ingredients that are used in these creams. All the ingredients used in most of these anti-aging products are given below:

Retinoids, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Hydroxy acids, Coenzyme Q10, Peptides, Tea extracts, Grape seed extract, Niacinamide.

Retinoids are the term used for vitamin a compound that is the main ingredient to help Sun-damage repair for your skin. It is also effective to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin c is effective to protect your skin from free radicals because of its antioxidant properties. It is also referred to provide the same advantages for skin damage repair and reduction of wrinkles.

Hydroxy acids are effective to remove dead skin cells and it is also very beneficial to prepare your skin for better absorption of other ingredients. Coenzyme Q10 is used to reduce fine wrinkles around your eyes and for the protection of your skin from sun damage.

Green tea extract and grape seed extract are known for its antioxidant properties and it is also beneficial to reduce inflammation of your skin. Niacinamide is used to reduce water loss in your skin.

Therefore, you can know what do anti aging products do with this information. Anti-aging products work to improve overall appearance and health of skin because of all these beneficial ingredients to provide the benefits.

Is cPanel Easy to Use?

Is cPanel Easy to Use?

Do you really want to manage a web hosting account with supreme efficiency? If you say yes, then you can consider using the cPanel. It is a specialized tool that ensures your web hosting experience is comfortable enough. If you do not prefer this tool, it will be difficult for you to manage your websites and web hosting accounts. When you have to manage the websites and web hosting accounts, you have to read this post here and go through lots of stress and difficulties.

In the beginning, you need to know that cPanel is a popular Linux based panel used for web hosting account management. You can conveniently handle all of the services in a single room. Once you know how beneficial this tool can be, you would not miss any single opportunity to utilize it and have the rest of the benefits.

It’s easy to use cPanel

Is cPanel easy to use? To be truly honest with you, it’s very easy and intuitive to use this panel. If you have some basic knowledge and details about it, you do not need to get messed up with other things to use it. It can empower you for managing the web hosting accounts with Supreme efficiency. You can craft new file transfer protocol uses as well as the subdomains with the help of this tool.

Pros of cPanel

Pros of cPanel

Now, you have successfully identified that it’s very easy to use the mentioned tool. Thereby, you need to think about the pros of this tool before you make some use of it. Here are the advantages that you can get with this cPanel without any kind of doubt:

It saves money and time

First of all, you will have to know that this panel can help you to save your precious time and money. You can face a lot of difficulties when it comes to managing your web hosting account. This is why you will have to prefer the management tool that actually gives an amazing experience to use your web hosting accounts.

Friendly interface makes it easy to learn

The interface of cPanel tool or software is quite friendly and that’s why it is easy for the users to learn using this tool. In other words, due to the user-friendly interface, you can learn using this software in a short amount of time.

Software auto installers

Is cPanel easy to use? One more amazing benefit of this tool is that it gives you Software Auto installers. If you use the internet regularly, you may know how beneficial the Software Auto installers can be.

Verified and reliable

Indeed, the cPanel tool is completely verified by the professionals and that’s why it is available for the common uses. If you want a reliable tool that can help you to manage your websites and web hosting account, you should prefer this tool.

Ease of using

Finally, you can talk about the ease of using this tool for various purposes and benefits. As a user, you do not need to have specialized skills as this software can be used with some basic knowledge.

Ways to Unpublish on WordPress

how do I unpublish a WordPress site

The WordPress content management system can give you permission to publish the content quickly and efficiently. When you are posting the second thoughts in your content then you have to make your post unpublish. For the purpose of better promotion of your business economic product, services you have to make that post unpublish. After the unpublish of that post, you can save a lot of money. Actually, you don’t need to pay any money when you make the post unpublish.

The unpublish post are required to manage your business. You can have to be a professional blogger when you are and publishing the post at the right time. Before to post all the content and images at your website and gu to make the checking, you have to remove it.

Open the new web browser

Open the new web browser

First of all, you have to open the new web browser to unpublish the WordPress website. After that, you can work on the unpublishing as soon as possible without facing a lot of troubles. At the new web browser, you can unpublish the WordPress website easily. It can help you to unpublish it without facing troubles anymore.

Sign in to the WordPress dashboard

For the purpose of considering all the knowledge about how do I unpublish a WordPress site, you have to sign in into the WordPress dashboard. Look at this site, you can find the best dashboard and make a visit to the actual WordPress area. On there, you can select the today in content pictures which you want to make unpublish. It is one of the efficient ways to unpublish all these contents, pictures when you required.

You have to click on the posts on the main menu

You have to click on the posts on the main menu

Click the name of your post and you want to stop the population. After that, WordPress gets some load to edit the post screen.

There is a need to click on the edit link and put it next to the status field. You can put it easily in the published pain and it is located on the right side of edit post screen. You can click on the status pull-down menu and select the draft. Now, you have to click on the ok button and click the update button to stop the publishing of your post.

Do you want to know about how do I unpublish a WordPress site? For this purpose, you have to visit at the official WordPress site. On there, you can unpublish the post and contents which you require. After that, you can work on the publishing of it.

There is needed to get other actions which can help you to unpublish the WordPress website. This time you have to click on the checkbox and go to the post name on the post screen. There is need to click on the bulk actions and you can work on the pull-down menu. Now, you have to select the move to trash and click on the apply button to move that post to the Trash.

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